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Welcome to the Art and Digital Worlds of B. G. Dodson

ars gratia artis
Science is We. Art is I

B. G. Dodson - is a respected name in digital art. His digital work has been in several books and he's had several shows in the Pacific Northwest.

Commentary, Biography & Bibliography

Mission Statement:

Artist's Statement:

My work reflects how I see the world in the sense of what I know and can create using various media. I make things because it's some form of compulsion rather than a specific path of purpose. In short, I create because I must....and because I can.

My Tech Shaman mask series brings the superstition of gods and spirits forward to the Computer Age -- each assemblage modeled as if faith moves electrons and mystery drives wild magic in circuits. Clad in these masks, the New Shamans shall resurrect dead machines with prayer and ritual....directing unseen energies of quantum mechanics.

The Tech Totem series examines the bones of technology in a variety of mediums -- as in Catholic reliquaries of Saint's remains -- the totems that remind us of where we have been and what powers we can grasp with faith. With these totems we shall dream far greater things than we can know.

In the Transcendental series, I explore, via mixed media, the emergence of art from utilitarian items -- the cast off circuit board, the vacuum tube, electronic components -- all items that were born to serve, but in their grace of service, have transcended purpose.


My work consists of images derived from fractal formulas (for the most part) that are composited together to form the final image. I also occasionally use scanned photographs.

I've been involved in computer graphics (aka digital) since the late-80's on a serious basis. I use a 486/133 DOS-based machine to create all the images you see here at this site (most of my tools run under DOS or Windows 3.1 and are not compatible with Windows 95).

Each image takes a minimum of 40 hours to create. Some have taken much longer.

WOOD WORKING (circa 2001):

Ah...working with wood. I would have sworn (on just about anything you wanted) up until a few years ago, that I had no talent whatsoever for working with wood. Guess I was wrong. You never know until you try. Thank you Joseph for giving my first table saw.


This grew out of a desire to take "Soul of the Machine" to a three-dimensional existence. I'd previously created "Tech Shrine #1" and "#2" several years ago (Tech Shrine #1 is part of Chemeketa Community College's art collection) - where I festooned the framed piece with circuitry. What evolution is in store for this series? I have no idea, but it oughta be interesting.


This series arose from exposure to a mixed media class I took in the first quarter of 2005 under the direction of Doug Dacar. I found the tools to begin truly merging circuit boards into a collaged background and the ideas continue to fester until they become reality.

The 'transcendental' portion of the series refers to the moving of circuit boards from a mere utility (or common) perception to a higher state of awareness...i.e. 'art'...where the usefulness is traded for an inherent beauty unintended by the creators of the original material.

Bowl Turning (2006):

Years and years ago, in a far, far distant time, I took Shop class in school. The only portion I enjoyed happened to be turning bowls on the lathe. After all this time, I have decided to re-explore the form. I purchased a Delta midi-lathe and have been making quite a pile of wood shavings. I might even get good at it someday........

Ceramics (2007):

This is an interest I really had never given any thought. In 2005 I took a few mixed media classes and the first was heavy in ceramic emphasis. As I explored the media, I began to see how ceramics could take my work yet a bit further and became intrigued. I somehow managed to luck into finding a kiln without really looking and now, the journey begins down THAT path.


  • Work represented by Art Center East in La Grande Oregon October 2017
  • Shared show at White Oak Gallery in Silverton. July 2017
  • Featured Artist. Gallery at Ten Oaks in Mcminnville Oregon. May 2017
  • Salem Reads. Salem Public Library, Salem Oregon. February 2017
  • Dia de los Muertos Show. White Oak Gallery, Silverton, Oregon. October 2016
  • The Human Condition? International Show. Governor's Cup, Salem Oregon. September 2016
  • Work represented by the Gallery at Ten Oaks in McMinnville, Oregon. August 2016 to current.
  • "Outside the Box" Artists in Action silent auction Salem Art Fair. July 2016
  • All Fired Up for Art. Silent auction for the Willamette Art Center. June 2016
  • Tick Tock Show. Red Raven Gallery. Salem OR, March 2016.
  • "Steampunk Show" Red Raven Gallery. Salem OR, September 2015. Juried show.
  • "Outside the Box" Artists in Action silent auction Salem Art Fair. July 2015
  • Tick Tock Show. Red Raven Gallery. Salem OR, March 2015. Juried show.
  • William Stafford Centennial Show" Artists In Action, Salem OR November 2014
  • "Outside the Box" Artists In Action silent auction Salem Art Fair, July 2014
  • "Outside the Box" Artists In Action silent auction Salem Art Fair. July 2013
  • Tick Tock Show. Red Raven Gallery. Salem OR March 2013 Juried Show.
  • VAST (Visual Artists Studio Tour) September 2012
  • "Outside the Box" Artists In Action silent auction. Salem Art Fair. July 2012
  • Clay Ball - Salem Art Association. February 2012
  • Salem Art Association Member Show October/November 2011
  • VAST (Visual Artists Studio Tour) September 2011
  • "Outside the Box" Artists In Action silent auction. Salem Art Fair. July 2011
  • Art Squared Salon Show, Bush Barn Gallery. July/August 2011
  • 2011 On-going work exhibited at Rountree Gallery, Salem Oregon
  • Clay Ball - Salem Art Association. March 2011
  • Something Red December 2010. Artists In Action, Salem Oregon. Honorable mention.
  • VAST (Visual Artist Studio Tour) September 2010
  • "Echoes of Green" Enid Joy Mount Gallery, Keizer Oregon. September 2010. 2nd place in show.
  • "Outside the Box" Artists in Action silent auction. Salem Art Fair. July 2010
  • FACES show. Coffee House Cafe. February 2010
  • Emerge Oregon Show, first Friday of each month in 2010
  • Emerge Oregon Show, December 2009
  • VAST (Visual Artists Studio Tour) September 2009
  • "Something Red" show. Artists in Action, Salem Oregon. 2nd Place Mixed Media. December 2008
  • Second place, The Statesman-Journal/Mary Lou Zeek "Alter Ego" contest with Shaman Mask "Emergence". October 2006
  • "Salmon: Intel Inside" and "Salmon: Reliquary" created for Salem's Salmon in the City project. 2005
  • "Floating Point Unity" exhibited at Salem Salon 2005 exhibit March 2005, Bush Barn
  • Cover artist for "Dark Moon Rising" e-Zine, October 2004
  • Weekly exhibitor at Salem Saturday Market, Salem OR (1999,2000,2002,2003,2004,2005) and various other art venues.
  • Featured artist June 2002 Dark Moon Rising e-zine (
  • Featured artist at The Human Club Galleries ( 2001
  • Featured artist for June 2000 at the Northern Exposure Gallery in Salem Oregon.
  • Permanent Exhibit: Chemeketa College (Science and Technology Building): "Soul of the Machine". 1999
  • The Evolution of Art - Digital Artists on Exhibit. Seaside, OR June 1999 Juried show.
  • One man show - Salem Public Library, August 1996.
  • Two man show (with Gus Frederick) at the Borland Gallery in Silverton, OR. January 1994, October 1995 and January 1996.
  • Wirehead Virtual Media Gallerie (CD-ROM) published by quantum axcess 1994.
  • My earlier fractal work can be found in the Waite Group Press books: "Fractal Creations 2nd Edition", 1993 and "Fractals for Windows", 1992.