Ceramics Gallery: The Crucified

A ceramic study of the Human Condition...that point of trivial existence betwixt all things Unknown and things Too Well Known....swirled in a duality of darkness and light. This is how we strive to reach the Mysteries....maiming ourselves in the process.

Technical Notes: Bisque fired & asphaltum glazed.

Forsaken (click to see larger image)
Forsaken::The Seeker Questions

Fear Difference (click to see larger image)
Preaching the Wired Biological Imperative (sold)

Those with Wings that cannot Fly (click to see larger image)
Those with Wings that cannot Fly -- Pinned to a collective fabric of reality far less than we can imagine. (sold)

Need (click to see larger image)

One Way Perspective (click to see larger image)
Faith: One Way Up...